Time for part two! These flags are seen a bit less than the ones from the previous set. They represent everything from sexual orientation, to gender identity or expression, & more! Think you can name them all? 

First post in our series of pride flags. Can you name all of the flags without looking at the captions? Happy LGBTQ Pride month, everyone!

LET’S TALK ABOUT UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). They are super common, can be uncomfortable, and are very treatable! 

The Huffington Post featured Laci’s new video: “50+ Reasons Why I’m a Feminist”

NEW VID! Are cell phones, tumblr, facebook etc. ruining our relationships??

100,000 condoms have been distributed at Sochi! Let the games begin ;) http://huff.to/1eED7tP 

100,000 condoms have been distributed at ! Let the games begin ;)

Today marks the 41st Anniversary of Roe v Wade, the case that made abortion legal here in the US. Underneath all of the myths, stigma and political debate, abortion is a safe medical procedure that’s an important option for a woman to have if she becomes pregnant before she’s ready.

A Naked Notion hasn’t gone away forever! We will be bringing you a NEW video on Wednesday in honor of the 41st anniversary of Roe v Wade. Stay tuned

Mind=blown on this one. Apparently men find their partners more attractive during the winter months than the summer months. 


Perhaps the greatest holiday ever invented?!